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Preferred by Professionals Nationwide

Welcome to American Sharpening

Join the growing number of Salon owners/managers, Professional schools, and hair professionals that have turned to American Sharpening for scissors distribution, blade and scissor sharpening, and equipment repair and education. 

Styling & Grooming Tool Sharpening

Mail-in, Drop off, or Local Delivery | Grooming Clippers Sharpening & Repair, Shear Sharpening and Repair

Stylists & Barbers

Only the highest quality sharpening equipment and procedures are used in the sharpening process. These sharpening procedures ensure that you receive the very best edge attainable, in most instances better than the original.

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Pet Groomers

Sharpening for all brands of Scissors and Clipper Blades. We use only original manufacturer replacement parts and offer a 100% guarantee for 30 days on all labor and parts.

Mail-in Sharpening Service

At American Sharpening, we believe in making scissor and clipper sharpening as simple and convenient as possible. With our mail-in service, you won't have to worry about finding time to drop off your tools — just follow our three-step process and we'll take care of the rest.


Submit Your Order

  • Click the "get started" button below to choose your sharpening service(s) and submit your info.

  • You will get a confirmation email with address label to use on your shipping package.


Ship Your Tools to Us

  • Package your tools securely. We recommend wrapping your tools in a paper towel or cloth.

  • Use our printable address label on your package. You will be responsible for paying for shipping.

  • Please retain your shipping receipt for tracking purposes.


We Sharpen Your Tools

  • Our expert team will professionally sharpen your tools with precision and care.

  • We will ship them back to you within 3-5 business days


Tools Shipped Back to You

  • If your order total is $99 or more, we will cover the return shipping costs.

  • If your order is under $99, a flat fee of $9.95 will be added to your total at checkout to cover the return shipping.

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About Us

American Sharpening has built its reputation of excellence through communication, craftsmanship, customer education and trust.

Join the growing number of Salon owners/managers, Professional schools, and hair professionals that have turned to American Sharpening for scissors distribution, blade and scissor sharpening, and equipment repair and education.

We go the extra mile to provide outstanding customer care and services. We always offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and fast turn-around times. Minor repair parts when required such as; screws, sockets, bumpers, and tension springs are replaced at no additional charge. It's easy to understand why we receive comments like: "American Sharpening is a refreshing change to the Sharpening Industry".

Bruce, Owner of American Sharpening

Local Pickup & Delivery

For customers in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, American Sharpening offers pick-up and return delivery of your tools to be sharpened for a fee of $6 per location visit.  Twin Cities stylists and groomers can also contact us for a free consultation to view our collection of American Sharpening Shears.

Hear what they're saying

American Sharpening is a proud supporter of the:

Groomer's Choice

American Sharpening has been chosen to be the Sharpening facility of choice by Groomers Choice Pet Products. Because the Groomer's Choice philosophy regarding customer service and quality so closely matches that of American Sharpening we think this will be a great association. We recommend to all of our groomer customers that they use Groomer's Choice for all their groomer supplies.

As a testament to our commitment to grooming education, American Sharpening proudly recommends Rio Grooming School for your educational needs.
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