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Stylist / Barber Sharpening Services

Our professionally-trained sharpeners are well qualified to sharpen, and repair if necessary, all of your Scissors, Shears, and Clipper Blades. We offer fast turn-around times, professional quality sharpening, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our Customer Care is something that we take enormous pride in.

Among the "extras" that you get with American Sharpening Online are:

  • Repair parts such as screws, glides, bumpers, sockets, tension springs, etc. are replaced at no extra charge.

  • Corrugation if requested are applied at no extra charge.

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Our Sharpening & Repair Services

Scissors / Shears

  • Checked for nicks and rough spots

  • Cleaned completely, removing dirt, debris, and sticky film

  • Professionally sharpened to the ultimate edge

  • Blade set checked and adjusted if needed

  • Tips re-aligned when necessary

  • Free fall set

  • Damaged parts replaced; i.e. screws, washers, glides, or bumpers (No Additional Charge)

  • Lubricated with our own formula

  • Sanitized with medically approved solution

  • Ride added

  • Serrations upon request (No Additional Charge)

  • Tested and inspected for perfection

Clipper Repair

Complete repair service for Oster®, Andis®, Laube®, and Wahl® clippers. We use only original manufacturer replacement parts and offer a 100% guarantee for 30 days on all labor and parts.

We partner with Bob Kautz for all repairs.  Please call Bob at 218-330-8577 for further information and quotes for repairs.

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