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American Sharpening Curved Chunker Series 


Unleash unrivaled comfort and control in your grooming sessions with our 18-Tooth Curved Chunking Shears featuring a Swivel Thumb design. Meticulously crafted for professional groomers, these shears boast high-quality chrome stainless steel blades adorned with 18 strategically positioned teeth for precision chunking and texturizing. The sleek chrome finish not only guarantees durability but also adds a touch of modern sophistication to your grooming toolkit. The curved design enhances maneuverability, while the innovative swivel thumb provides ergonomic flexibility, reducing strain during prolonged use. Elevate your grooming expertise with the Chrome 18-Tooth Curved Chunking Shears with Swivel Thumb – where innovation meets functionality, delivering outstanding results and unparalleled comfort in every grooming session.

24-Tooth Curved Chunking with Swivel Thumb

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