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Please select "Offline Payment" at checkout. Your CC will not be charged until we verify your product(s) can be sharpened. 


*A return shipping charge of $9.95 is added if the total sharpening service price is less than $99.


Your clippers will be: 


  • Clipper Blades are brought to factory specifications

  • Blades are disassembled and washed in our special solution to remove all debris and sticky buildup

  • Checked for cracks and bad teeth

  • Professionally sharpened

  • Demagnetized

  • Tension adjusted or spring replaced if needed (No Additional Charge)

  • Socket adjusted or replaced if weak or cracked (No Additional Charge)

  • All Clipper Blades regardless of size are one price $8.00 each

Clipper Blade Sharpening